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HP Pavillion Elite e9180f

HP PAVILION E9180F-E DESKTOP PC * Intel Core i7-920 (2.66GHz) * 10GB RAM * Needs HDD * DVD and BluRay *Includes EVGA Nvidia GTX750Ti 2GB […]

Tokyo Setagaya

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HiRise for iPhone /iPad Mini

Original HiRise for iPhone /iPad Mini No cable included.

Tokyo Setagaysa

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Xbox 360 Manette game controller

Xbox 360 Manette game controller

Tokyo Setagaya

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2009 Mac Mini

2009 Mac Mini * Model A1283 * 2.26Ghz CPU * 2GB * 300GB

Tokyo Setagaya

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Sayonarasale.com site for sale!

Hi folks We have been so pleased to serve the community for the past 14 years but we are now considering to move on and […]


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Sayonarasale.com site for sale!

Hi folks We have been so pleased to serve the community for the past 14 years but we are now considering to move on and […]

Tokyo Setagaya

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Sayonarasale.com for sale

News 2017/12/27

I am considering selling “SayonaraSale.com” as I have other projects and no time to run it any longer. It has been serving people in Japan since 2006.

If anyone is interested please drop me a line by the contact form. Serious only please.

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A word about scammers

News 2017/07/24

We have received a few notifications from users that they are being contacted people posing as customers but then asking them to send money by Western Union and other ways.

Just a word of advice: never send money to anyone you do not know. Only accept payment in cash for anything you are selling.

Be careful out there folks!

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Skillup.com progress (1 month)

News 2017/05/24

It has been a month now since we opened Skillup.com to the public and it has been a success so far with several  hundred new members despite no real marketing.

I would kindly ask any Sayonarasale.com users to consider joining and posting any skills that you might want to teach others to help you make a secondary income.

Skillup.com is complety free for teachers and students to use. You keep all money earned for your hard work teaching others.

I hope Skillup.com will be a useful tool for you all! Good luck.


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Announcing Skillup.com!

Uncategorized 2017/04/18

I am happy to announce Skillup.com, a new platform created to help people to teach, learn and collaborate!
For those of you looking to teach English or any other skill you have please join and post your skills. The same for anyone who wishes to collaborate on a project.

It is free for all to use. Please enjoy and skillup!


As the paint is still wet on Skillup.com I would appreciate any feedback you can provide via the contact page there. Cheers!

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Register and login via Social Networks!

News 2016/09/07

We are testing social login and registration with SayonaraSale.com in an effort to improve the experience for our users when it comes to registering, logging in and commenting on ads. Another aim is to reduce the number of spammers from registering and posting fraudulent ads.

Currently the normal registration process is still available but we plan to disable it after sufficient testing of the social login has been done. We hope it proves to be helpful for you. Please give it a try.

Currently we are supporting: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google but will soon add others (LinkedIn, Steam, Twitch).

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Password recovery issues?

News 2016/08/31

We have been noticing recently that some newly registering users are attempting to recover/reset their passwords. Is there any issue that people are experiencing with the registration and/logon process? If anyone has any information please do inform us via the comments and we will do our best to resolve the matter. Thank you for your support.

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Sayonarasale.com site update

News 2016/06/19

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and taking some time to relax! This is just an announcement to you all that we have upgraded the site this weekend. Several issues were fixed:

  1. Login using email account name instead of username (fixed finally).
  2. Password recovery which was having issues before for many users should now be working.
  3. We have also added reCAPTCHA on the registration and user contact tab.

There have been various other small fixes. Please do let us know if you experience any issues and we will do our best to resolve them as soon as we can. Have a good remainder of the weekend!

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Login by email address feature added

News 2015/04/21

We have noticed in our server logs that many users attempt to login using their email addresses instead of their chosen usernames and could not. To overcome this inconvenience we have added the functionality to allow you to login using either your email address or username.

Our apologies for any past inconvenience and we hope this will make your experience better with Sayonarasale.com. If you experience any issues please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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Notice to users about scammers

News 2015/01/16

Happy new year to you all! We are wishing you all the best in 2015. Just a word of caution to users regarding suspicious posts as they appear from time to time. Occasionally you will see posts for new Apple devices or offering loans that are not legitimate and simply seeking to scam you out of your money.

We monitor all new user registrations and ads that are posted. We do our best to remove these kinds of items but sometimes there is a little delay so please be wary and never respond to any of these kinds of ads.

We hope you are enjoying the new site and finding it useful. If any of you are having any issues please leave a comment.  Thank you!

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SayonaraSale.com reborn!

News 2014/08/19

Welcome to the new SayonaraSale.com!! After 8 years (since 2006) of serving the community in Japan we have finally refreshed our website to make it mobile friendly and easier to use. This overhaul was long overdue and we are so happy to release it for all to use.

Please bear with us as we will be making some tweaks and adjustments over the coming weeks to finalize the layout and features. If you have any feedback to offer please let us know via the comments.

We look forward to continue serving you in the years ahead.

Thank you!


The old SayonaraSale.com:



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