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It is also the one who managed to lead us to be one of the Best Web Hosting in Indonesia. Make Sure The Hosting Company You Choose is Really a Professional Company. The company where you purchased a Domain Name or Web Hosting Service may be nothing more than a high school / college student who does domain registration and experiment server in his bedroom or with his or her home office? How does your Domain Name continue when the domain name renewal, the security of your domain name and so on, if the company is not serious or even closed (does not exist anymore)?

Your domain name is at risk of being released to the public and your business can not operate as it should. Your Own Domain? So far we observe there are still many web hosting companies that are not transparent in providing services. We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. Some of these companies do not provide domains that have been purchased to customers as per their rights. Or maybe the domain on behalf of the customer but the customer is not given Domain Manager to manage the domain itself.

At Rumahweb we always give the domain completely to the customer. We even grant access to Domain Manager for customers to manage their own domain. The right to a domain that is not given to the customer will bring trouble: If the customer wants to move hosting, then the customer can not do the transfer itself because they do not have access to domain settings. If the customer wants to transfer his domain to another Registrar, then this can not be done alone, must go through the old registrar.

If one day the web hosting company is closed, the customer can no longer manage the domain. The most serious risk is that even the customer will lose the domain because it can not be renewed again. The consequence of delivering excellent service is of course a cost issue. Is a gimmick if there is slogan cheap price but excellent service to keep rational on price. We have an office that operates 24 x 7 with customer service and technical support who are always ready to help you anytime.

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