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¥86000 / 1br – 25m2 – New 1K, Free 1month rent, OK for a small ...

PHONE : 090-8209-0122 WEBSITE : www.gaijinapartmenthelper.com rent : 78,000yen maintenance fee : 8,000yen tomonokai(member’s fee) : 1,728 1K 25.74m2 8min walk to Nakamurabashi station Seibu-Ikebukuro […]

Tokyo Nerima-ku

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¥54000 / 1br – 20m2 – 5min walk to sta. 18min to Shinjuku ★no k...

rent : 49,000 yen support fee : 5,000 yen 1K 20 m2 5 min walk to Numabukuro station Seibu-Shinjuku line 12 min walk to Nogata […]

Tokyo Tokyo

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¥49000 / 1br – 25m2 – 1K / loft, 34 min to Sta., LOW Initial co...

rent :45,000 yen maintenance fee : 4,000 yen 1K + loft 18.56 m2 + 7.08 m2 5 min walk to Kami-fukuoka station Tobu-tojo line 34 […]

Saitama Fujimino-shi

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¥29000 / 1br – 18m2 – 1K, 29,000 yen, 37min to Shinjuku, ★no ke...

rent :26,000 yen maintenance fee : 3,000 yen 1K 18.73 m2 15 min walk to Keio-horinouchi station Keio-Sagamihara line 15 min walk to Otsuka-teikyodaigaku station […]

Tokyo Hachioji-shi

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¥54000 / 1br – 3 min to sta, 10 min to Shibuya by train, L-4 (Ota-ku/...

rent :50,000 yen maintenance fee : 4,000 yen studio 8.23 m2 3 min walk to Magome station Toei Asakusa line 11 min walk to Nishioi […]

Tokyo Ota-ku

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¥90500 / 1br – 25m2 – New 1K, FREE 1st months rent, OK for a pe...

★no key money ★no deposit ★no realtor fee ★no guarantor company fee ★free 1.5 months rent PHONE : 090-8209-0122 WEBSITE : www.gaijinapartmenthelper.com rent : 75,500 […]

Tokyo Itabashi-ku

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¥62000 / 1br – 16m2 – Studio with a big loft, initial cost 107,...

PHONE : 090-8209-0122 WEBSITE : www.gaijinapartmenthelper.com rent : 62,000yen studio with a big loft 16.56m2 with a loft 10min walk to Konan-chuo station subway blueline […]

Kanagawa Osaka

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¥28000 / 1br – 12m2 – Renovated 1K, initial fee 47,400yen, Free...

PHONE : 090-8209-0122 WEBSITE : www.gaijinapartmenthelper.com rent : 28,000yen 1K 12.35m2 10min walk to Kinugasa station JR Yokosuka line 5min train ride to Kurihama station. […]

Kanagawa okosuka

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New 1K, Free 1month rent, OK for 1pet, initial fee 98,000yen, KY1 (Yokohama...

PHONE : 090-8209-0122 WEBSITE : www.gaijinapartmenthelper.com rent : 73,000yen maintenance fee : 10,000yen 1K 21.39 m2 5min walk to Hinodecho station Keikyu line 9min walk […]

Kanagawa Yokohama

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¥49000 / 2br – 34m2 – Renovated 2DK, Total 1st payment 47,400ye...

PHONE : 090-8209-0122 WEBSITE : www.gaijinapartmenthelper.com rent : 49,000yen 2DK 34.78m2 3min walk to Uraga station Keikyu main line 9min train ride to Yokosuka-Chuo station. […]

Kanagawa Yokosuka

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¥42000 / 1br – 20m2 – Renovated 1DK, Free 1month rent, very low...

Renovated 1DK 20㎡ in Yokohama-city Kanagawa. 8min to Koganecho station Keikyu-Main line. 12min to Hinodecho station Keikyu-Main line. 12min to Bandobashi station Subway Blue line. […]

Kanagawa Yokohama

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¥47000 / 1br – 20m2 – 1K, free 1st month rent, 30min to Shinjuk...

PHONE : 090-8209-0122 WEBSITE : www.gaijinapartmenthelper.com 1K 20.46m2 7min to Yurigaoka station Odakyu line 30min to Shinjuku 35min to Shibuya rent : 44,000yen maintenance fee […]

Kanagawa Kawasaki

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¥55000 / 1br – 13m2 – Studio, low initial cost, Free 1st months...

www.gaijinapartmenthelper.com rent@gaijinapartmenthelper.com ★Free 1st months rent rent : 55,000yen maintenance fee : 3,000yen studio 13.31m2 with a loft 2.7km to Kawasaki station. (30min walk) 8min […]

Kanagawa Kawasaki

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1br – 13m2 – 1K, low initial cost, free 1st month rent

PHONE : 090-8209-0122 email rent@gaijinapartmenthelper.com WEBSITE : www.gaijinapartmenthelper.com rent : 30,000yen maintenance fee : 2,000yen 1K 13.5m2 with a loft 13min walk to Higashi-Omiya station. […]

Saitama Osaka

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Room available!

European living in a 2LDK apartment at Nagayama, Tokyo. If you woukd like to rent a nice and bright room just let me know.

Tokyo Tama

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